Products & Services - Power Generation & Nuclear

Aalco has developed a speciality in meeting the materials requirements of the nuclear and power generation industries for both standard and bespoke products.

In the nuclear power generation and nuclear waste re-processing sector Aalco has a well-established reputation for developing packages of materials to meet the specialist and demanding needs of customers in this sector where Aalco has managed the complete materials supply for a number of major projects.

Equally, customers right across the power generation sector including renewables rely on Aalco for a wide range of materials to support both day-to-day and project requirements.

Project Requirements

In addition, Aalco has established a Contract Services Division to meet the specialist project requirements of the energy, offshore, power generation, nuclear, green energy and process industries.

Based at Aalco's Service Centre in Hull, the Contract Services team includes a number of staff with extensive experience in the sector. With the backing of Aalco's huge UK stock as well as access to the Amari Group's full pan-European stock and sourcing network the new Division provides the process industries with an outstanding service for all project requirements.

Customers served range from nuclear fuel reprocessing, where Aalco have recently completed a £1million+ contract for Duplex Stainless Steel, to onshore/offshore oil, gas and petrochemical where Aalco has ongoing exclusive supply contracts.

Contacts for the Contract Services Division

Paul Wilson Sales 01482 626 276
Dave Gurney Sales 01482 626 269