About - Processing Services

Processed material can save customers both time and money. Aalco offers a wide range of modern processing equipment at both local and central service centres.

Most service centres have on-site:

  • Sawing
  • Protective PVC coating of sheet
  • A guillotine

Central facilities include:

  • Plate sawing
  • Polishing of sheet and coil
  • Plasma profiling
  • Coil processing, including decoiling, levelling, slitting and blanking

Aalco can also sub-contract certain services for our customers. We have developed particular specialities in four key areas:

  • Bar, tube and pipe-cutting
  • Bar: capacity is available to cut accurately anything from a single 16"/406mm diameter billet to high volume repetition blanking
  • Tubular products: the same as bar, we offer an equally flexible range of facilities

Plate Processing

Our plate processing facilities are unmatched in the UK. We offer a unique range of possibilities for cutting stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, bronze and nickel alloy plate.

  • Plate saws handle 4000mm lengths in thicknesses up to 155mm
  • Plasma cutting on submerged beds provides blanks up to 130mm thick, 2000mm wide, 4000mm long
  • Band saws cut circles 100mm thick up to 1000mm diameter
  • Laser cutting provides a clean, accurate edge for thicknesses up to 50mm in 2000mm widths and 4000mm lengths
  • Water jet cutting provides intricate detail to close tolerances for thicknesses up to 100mm in 2000mm width plates up to 4000mm long
  • Guillotining provides cut plates up to 6 metres long, 12mm thick and 2000mm wide
  • Abrasive disc cutting provides a clean, smooth, square-cut edge on plates up to 75mm thick, 2000mm wide, 4000mm long
  • Plate decoiling: up to 12mm thick and 2000mm wide to provide plate blanks up to 1400mm long

Coil Processing

Aalco's coil processing services include:

  • Decoiling, levelling, slitting, spool winding, blanking, piercing, notching and circling
  • Polishing and protective coating
  • Aluminium and stainless steel in thicknesses from 0.1mm to 3.0mm with widths up to 2000mm are processed to close tolerances on 20 specialised lines within a dedicated group facility that is unequalled in Europe.

Aluminium extrusions

Services for aluminium extrusions include:

  • Cut lengths: single pieces up to 16"/406mm diameter through to High Volume Repetition Cutting
  • Prefabrication: drilling, notching, punching and bending
  • Finishing: anodising, painting/power coating, polishing, chromating
  • Protective coating or sleeving
  • Special packaging, including ‘Kitting’