Welcome to Aalco Birmingham

Welcome to Aalco in Birmingham, where we hold a full range of stock to meet the immediate needs of customers in the local area.

Our stock spans the full standard Aalco range plus special items for local industries and particular customers. This local inventory is backed up by bulk stock held at our central warehouse from where we receive daily deliveries. In addition, our processing services such as cutting and finishing tailor products to customer's exact requirements.

New stock range: J57S Anodising Quality Sheet now in stock at Aalco Birmingham.

The whole team here in Birmingham is committed to providing customers with a responsive, flexible, reliable, cost-effective service and we look forward to serving you.

For any information/advice you may require, for a copy of our product catalogue/stock-list, for pricing, or to place an order, please call, fax or email. For specialist advice, you can get in touch directly with a member of our team below:

Simon Bromhead Sales Manager 0121 585 3600
Ian Ralley Extrusion Team Manager 0121 585 3617
Dave Moss Standard Product Team Manager 0121 585 3626
Ashley Jones Mild Steel 0121 585 3613
Tammy Shaw Road Transport Product Specialist 0121 585 3621