Welcome to Aalco Newcastle

Welcome to Aalco in Newcastle, where we hold a full range of stock to meet the immediate needs of customers in the local area.

Our stock spans the full standard Aalco range plus special items for local industries and particular customers. This local inventory is backed up by bulk stock held at our central warehouse from where we receive daily deliveries. In addition, our processing services such as cutting and finishing tailor products to customer's exact requirements.

The whole team here in Newcastle is committed to providing customers with a responsive, flexible, reliable, cost-effective service and we look forward to serving you.

For any information or advice you may require, for a copy of our product catalogue or stocklist, for pricing, or to place an order, please call, fax or email the main office.

Alternatively, you can get in touch directly with a member of our team below:

Charles Hellawell Service Centre Manager 0191 491 1133
Timothy Hood Warehouse Team Leader 0191 499 4418
Michael Reynolds Development Account Manager 0191 499 4401
Derek Proudlock Internal Account Manager 0191 499 4403
Nigel Coe Internal Account Manager 0191 499 4404
Tim Gee Internal Account Manager 0191 499 4416
Andrew Pickard Internal Account Manager 0191 499 4405
Mark Adams Sales Manager 0191 499 4406
Craig Cookson Business Development 0191 499 4419
Isra Gabal Business Development 0191 499 4410
Keith Engleby Sales Team Leader 0191 499 4411
Allison Cottle Sales Team Leader 0191 499 4409
Celine Duggan Sales Apprentice 0191 499 4420
Steve McCann Good Inwards Supervisor 0191 499 4414
Debra Mitchell Administration 0191 499 4400